Violence in teenagers

North Central alone has at least 3 fights a month within the student population. I think that it is so childish and disrespectful to fight or engage in physical activity inside school.

By dymondmonet

School Dress Code

I think that the North Central Dress code is very strict. Girls should be able to wear leggings no matter what, I mean its clothing covering your body so I dont see what the big issue is. Also skirts, dresses, and shorts that are knee length<<< I hate that rule, I’m kind of a tall girl and it is sooooo hard to find clothes that are that long.

By dymondmonet

Warm Weather

The weather here in Indianpolis is slowly changing each and everyday. One day its hot and the next its cold, its so confusing. I personally like warm weather because you can do more activites outside and hang out with friends. Hopefully we have a nice summer!

By dymondmonet